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Science is so great. Go read about it. Or go outside and dig in the ground. Idunno I’m high.

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I don’t wanna gloat or nothing but here goes
So today at work I ran into my old p. i. from my internship. His name is John D Gearhart. He’s the guy who pioneered stem cell research. He was the first person to work with fetal stem cells. He got so much hate after his research was published that he had to be escorted to work by the police. We weren’t super close in my internship but he would always pop by and i would make sure to say hi or something because holy shit???? And today I saw him in the elevator and he hugged me and gave me a playful punch on the shoulder and this guy has been published in textbooks this guy made scientific history you only have to type in half of his name into Google before it gets autocompleted and he is friendly with me
Sempai noticed me today.

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Source If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts

this woman found the fountain of youth goddamn


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When you slowly start hating someone you were friends with.


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i want the kind of funding that scientists in comic books have.  where are you getting this money?  do you publish papers or do you just turn people into giant lizards and call it a day?  do you have to get that shit peer reviewed?  who is paying for your research?  can you give me their email address 

i have googled ‘evil science grants’ and the results were not satisfying

no really though

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My friend just sent me this and said “Guess who got into my last edible.”
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My friend just sent me this and said “Guess who got into my last edible.”

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The first thing to ever be bought and sold over the Internet was a bag of marijuana. Source

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